Some tips when I take time to write them down.


Hi! My name is Alexandre Papin. I graduated of CESi (Le Mans, France) on dual training course in Software Engineering Manager.

I am currently working for Horanet as a fullstack Python developer on Odoo framework.

Before that, I developed a cross-platform hybrid application for iOS and Android thanks to Ionic framework based on Angular and Cordova.

And before that, I was working for ABlogiX as a fullstack Python developer on Django framework.

So giving my experiences, I have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Odoo web framework (Python)
  • Django web framework (Python)
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (Twitter)
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Nginx web server

I am comfortable with the following environments:

  • MacOS that I use for 5 years
  • Linux distributions (Debian-based)

Development tools that I use the most are:

  • Git for versioning
  • Vagrant for development environments
  • Docker that I’m trying to deal with as a replacement of Vagrant

I try as much as possible to write tests because it helps to write robust and clean code and the only viable way to detect features regressions.

I am mainly oriented towards the development of web and mobile application but I also appreciate the administration of Linux systems.