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  • Thu 19 January 2017
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Transmission unreachable when booting on Raspbian

I installed Transmission a long time ago on my Raspberry Pi and couldn't figure out why each time I rebooted my Raspberry Pi I was forced to restart transmission-daemon otherwise Transmission web interface wasn't reachable. Because transmission-daemon isn't logging to a file by default, I had to search how to …

  • Wed 18 January 2017
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Build Odoo addons path quickly

EDIT: Better way to add OCA modules to an Odoo installation When you have a lot of Odoo modules you want to work with, you have to add their parents folders in the addons path to allow Odoo knows about them. This is what my addons folder looks like: % tree …

  • Tue 30 August 2016
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Odoo with Docker

I started working with Odoo a few weeks ago. Even if its written in Python, you can't install odoo with pip, at least not from pypi. So you have to clone the Github repository, install python dependencies, install PostgreSQL et configure Odoo to hit the database. Not really a big …

  • Thu 10 December 2015
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List homebrew packages with their dependencies

Homebrew is for me the package manager to use for OS X. I use it for almost 3 years now. Its simplicity of installation and utilisation do that I can’t go back to Macports or Fink. The goal of the article is not to show how Homebrew works but …